Current Portfolio

Manor House

Number Of Units: 71
Location: Bay St. Louis, Missiouri
Purchase Date: December 2019

Garden Heights

Number Of Units: 134
Location: Youngsville, Louisiana
Purchase Date: December 2019

Cedaridge Apartments

Number Of Units: 60
Location: Milledgeville, GA
Purchase Date: May 2019

Midtown Towers

Number Of Units: 25
Location: Columbus, Georgia
Purchase Date: November 2018

Canyon Creek

Number Of Units: 135
Location: Puyallup, Washington
Purchase Date: Development Project in Process — September 2021

The Onyx at 3211

Number Of Units: 190
Location: Augusta, Georgia
Purchase Date: May 2018

The Reserve at 1508

Number Of Units: 108
Location: Augusta, Georgia
Purchase Date: May 2018

Paradise Heights

Number Of Units: 12
Location: Edmonds, Washington
Purchase Date: Development Project in Process — September 2021

Westside Commons

Number Of Units: 137
Location: Athens, Georgia
Purchase Date: November 2017

Vineville Apartments

Number Of Units: 80
Location: Macon, Georgia
Purchase Date: July 2017

Treetop Apartments

Number Of Units: 76
Location: Hinesville, Georgia
Purchase Date: May 2017

Wilshire Park

Number Of Units: 65
Location: Hunstsville, Alabama
Purchase Date: December 2016

Woodcrest Apartments

Number Of Units: 66
Location: Warner Robins, Georgia
Purchase Date: May 2016

Meadowlark Apartments

Number Of Units: 56
Location: Lancaster, Texas
Purchase Date: March 2016

Marina Villas

Number Of Units: 48
Location: Pensacola, Florida
Purchase Date: February 2016

Cade Vu Condominiums

Number Of Units: 25
Location: North Bend, Washington
Purchase Date: Development Project in Process — September 2021

Shenandoah Ridge

Number Of Units: 200
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Purchase Date: October 2015

Willow Chase Cove

Number Of Units: 76
Location: McDonough, Georgia
Purchase Date: June 2015

West Park Village

Number Of Units: 88
Location: Pensacola, Florida
Purchase Date: April 2015

Single Family Portfolio

Number Of Units: 160
Location: Georgia
Purchase Date: 2015-2019

Bainbridge Place

Student Housing
Number Of Units: 164
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Purchase Date: June 2014

Greentree Apartments

Number Of Units: 75
Location: Thomasville, Georgia
Purchase Date: April 2014

Riverwalk Townhomes

Number Of Units: 75
Location: Columbus, Georgia
Purchase Date: April 2014

Hunnicut Apartments

Number Of Units: 172
Location: Dallas, Texas
Purchase Date: November 2012

Windy Hill Manor

Number Of Units: 94
Location: Macon, Georgia
Purchase Date: June 2012


Meadows Apartments

Number Of Units: 120
Location: Lancaster, Texas
Purchase Date: November 2013
Sold Date: November 2019

Pines of Lanier

Number Of Units: 157
Location: Gainesville, Georgia
Purchase Date: November 2014
Sold Date: June 2018

Timberfalls Apartments

Number Of Units: 176
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Purchase Date: July 2013
Sold Date: May 2018

Magnolia Ridge Apartments

Number Of Units: 84
Location: Gaffney, South Carolina
Purchase Date: September 2012
Sold Date: November 2017

Warringwood Heights

Number Of Units: 50
Location: Hoover, Alabama
Purchase Date: March 2009
Sold Date: December 2016

Augusta Arms Apartments

Number Of Units: 155
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Purchase Date: December 2011
Sold Date: November 2016

Cambridge Court

Number Of Units: 60
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Purchase Date: June 2007
Sold Date: August 2016

Winchester Commons

Number Of Units: 64
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Purchase Date: July 2008
Sold Date: December 2015